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There are villages close to us for evening restaurant discoveries and local food and wine. Diving can be arranged in Zuljana. Ancient discoveries can be found in Ston and Dubrovnik


/// Zuljana 

Zuljana is a small village of about 200 people who make wine and olive oil. In summer resisdents busy themselves with apartment rentals and the restaurants open to invite people to enjoy the hidden gem that is Zuljana. Numerous Secret beaches can be discovered as well the family-friendly main bay that is shallow, super clean and very calm. Three restaurants and a cafe bar/diner over look the bay. The post office changes money and the tourist office arranges excursions and diving with two companies. There is a shop and market stalls selling local cheese and wine.

5-10 min walk

/// Ston 

The ancient settlement of Ston is famous for its Roman salt beds and  wall.

The pretty streets are also a delight to wonder through. The market square has four cafes, an art gallery and some little shops, a bank and pharmacy . The restaurants are cheerfully run serving local seafood and other Croatian dishes. There is also a police station, market stalls, garden centre, three small supermarkets, some kiosks, meat and fish shops.

Half Hour Drive

/// Dubrovnik 


Dubrovnik, is known as 'The Pearl of the Adriatic'. See where the 'Game of Thrones' is filmed, where Medieval kings & Queens walked and enjoy cocktails in the ancient walls of the Ancient kingdom.

It's a truely romantic and breath-taking experience.


1 Hour Drive

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